New Anime! Read all about it

November 4, 2015

There has been so many good anime! I don’t even know how to put it in words! I think Japan is doing a great job this year!

Keyword Online has moved

July 23, 2011

Check out our new blog designed by SILSSA secretary Izzy Johnston at

Registration for Summer & Fall 2011

March 3, 2011

From the home office of Pratt-SILS on the sixth floor….

We will begin accepting requests for course approvals addressed to beginning Monday, March 14. Emails sent before this date will be deleted.

To find out your registration date, look at your degree audit in (Go to “Academic Tools,” and look under “Course Planning.”). Emails from the Registrar’s Office have started going out this week with your registration date, so check your email as well for this information.

In order to register for Summer or Fall 2011, please follow the following steps:

1. Select courses that you want to take in Summer or Fall 2011.

To search for sections in, go to “Academic Tools”> Students Menu> Search for Sections (under Registration). You must search by semester and select “Library/Information Science” in order to view SILS classes.

2. Add these courses to your worksheet in Please follow this link for more instructions on using your worksheet.

3. The SILS office must approve your courses before you register. After adding courses to your worksheet send an email requesting course approval to with the following information:

-Your full name
-Student ID number (NOT your social security number)
-Courses you want approved. Please include course number and name.

Requests will be processed in the order in which they are received. Most requests are handled within one business day.

Be sure to add your classes to your worksheet before emailing the SILS office.

If you don’t include all of the above information in your request, we will not approve your worksheet.

Please direct all emails to Emails sent directly to anybody else in the SILS office will be deleted.

If you send an approval request to before Monday, March 14 it WILL BE DELETED.

If you don’t know how to check the schedule for classes or how to add classes to your worksheet, please call the SILS office at 212-647-7682 and a Graduate Assistant can help you.

If you need advising on which classes to take, please make an appointment to meet with your advisor. (The advisor-advisee list is posted outside of the SILS office).

And a few other tips students have picked up over the years….

* It helps to plan courses using a browser with tabs, like Firefox or Safari. You will then be able to read course descriptions and make changes to your worksheet at the same time.
* It’s important to check your hold status. You can check your hold status under “Course Planning.” There are different types of holds; here’s how to handle each one:

1. Bursar’s Hold – if you have a balance above $500 or something like that; only the Bursar can lift the hold so don’t call the office because we can’t fix it; the Bursar’s # is 718 636 3539.
2. Health & Counseling Hold – if you have not submitted your Immunization Record. This really only applies to students who started in Fall 2009. They were allowed to register without submitting the health forms. Health & Counseling can be reached at 718 399-4542. We can’t fix this either. It’s NY state law.
3. Records Incomplete Hold – let the SILS office know ASAP, 212 647 7682. You don’t want to find out on your registration day that you have this hold on your account.

* Feel free to ask friends and classmates what courses to take, but remember the old axiom: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” A professor your friends loved might turn out to be someone you despise, or vice versa. Your academic advisor is the best source of class information. Course evaluations are also kept on file in the PMC library.
* You will also be able to see your registration access dates when you log in to However, it’s shoved near the bottom of the screen and you might miss it. The best way to check your registration date is by running the degree audit.
* When you run your degree audit, you will note that your academic advisor is listed as the Dean. This just signifies that the office is the one who approves your course worksheet. Remember that you do have a faculty advisor (and other faculty members too) that can give you advice related to your career goals.
* Make sure to check prerequisites! Any prerequisites that are required will be listed in a separate section on the course description page. (Here’s where the tabbed web browsing comes in handy….)
* If you want to take one of the Special Topics courses (LIS 697), regardless of the name of the class, you only have to get approval for the course once. If you switch sections, you do not need to have the course re-approved. Let’s say you originally wanted to take LIS 697-01: Creating Interactive Websites with Prof. Choi but you then changed your mind and decided to take LIS 697-02: Virtual Info Environments instead. As long as LIS 697 was approved the first time around, you do not need to request approval for it again. The system doesn’t care which section you want to take.
* Be sure to put all courses you want on your worksheet and in your approval request email to the office – including backup courses in case your first choices fill up before your registration date. As amazing as they are, the SILS office is not psychic and does not want to approve worksheets more than once.

Faculty Candidates’ Public Presentations

February 15, 2011

Candidates for the full-time faculty position at SILS will be holding public presentations on Monday 2/21 and Monday 2/28 from 4pm-5pm. Come and hear their ideas and ask them questions!

Join us for the first SILSSA meeting of 2011!

January 19, 2011

We can’t wait to see you, hear some of your ideas, answer questions about SILS and SILSSA, discuss librarianship at large, and tell you all about our plans for the coming semester! We have trips, guest speakers, and money to attend conferences! Join us from 5:50 to 6:20 on Wednesday 1/26 in Room 610 and find out all about it!

Holiday Party TONIGHT!!!

December 13, 2010

Join us for food, drinks, and fun tonight from 5pm-8pm on the 6th floor!

Spring 2011 SILSSA Vice Presidential Elections!!

December 5, 2010

Vote for your next SILSSA President! Polls close at 5pm on Friday 12/10! The winner will be announced that evening!

Your nominees are:

Brian Soldo: My name is Brian Soldo and I’m eager to be your next SILSSA Vice President. I have been actively involved with SILSSA for nearly a year now and have a great working relationship with the current officers. I’ve got some great ideas about what we can do with the Association this spring including changes to the Library of Congress trip and instituting formal peer advisement – something I successfully spearheaded at my undergrad school. I’d really like to use SILSSA to to help foster a sense of community, both within SILS and with the larger LIS community. Before pursuing my interest in library and information science, I worked at the Center for Communication, a nonprofit that promotes media literacy in high school and college students, and spent time in the corporate world as an advocate for photojournalists. My LIS interests include information architecture, information literacy, archives, and academic librarianship. I hope you will consider me for your VP!

Amanda Troha:
Hello, my name is Amanda Troha and I want to be your SILSSA vice president. I’m passionate about intellectual freedom, literacy, and community organizing. All my life I have wanted to be part of an organization that plans library tours. Off the top of my heads I can think of about eight sweet tours. Most people consider me to be a people person, I get along with just about everyone. The only people I don’t get along with are people without sweet library tour ideas. Furthermore, If you elect me we will have the best end of the year BBQ Pratt has ever seen.


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